health insurance to get Visa in Germany

Essential thing to get a visa

That’s health insurance!

In Germany, there are two types of legal health insurance and private health insurance.

Students under the age of 30 can join legal health insurance, but they are expensive anyway!

Health insurance and long-term care insurance together should be close to 90 euros a month.

Also, after the age of 30, the insurance contract becomes a free contract, and court health insurance further jumps up.

Many international students think that these are useless as they return home, so it’s a waste.

So private health insurance is coming.

Private health insurance can be cheaply reduced in expenses after various conditions are limited.

Especially, I recommend cheaply those of Care Concept Corporation that I also join.

Those who are 35 years of age who are staying at university, language school, working holiday etc

Care Concept College


If you are 35 years old before joining, you can sign insurance for up to two years from there.

However, in order to obtain a visa, it seems that it is necessary to have insurance with a treatment level GOÄ 2.3 or higher, so a plan over comfort is necessary.

Comfort is 35 euros per month. It is 59 euro after 18 months.

Self-payment amount 0

You can contract up to 5 years.

Also, it is better for the option liability insurance to also join in order to avoid trouble.

If you can prove that your accompanying spouse and others go to a language school, you can contract at Care Concept College.

Also, when staying with children like me, children are not colleges but the following options.

Care Concept Economy

50 euros per month up to one year up to then 75 euros per month until two years

Self-payment amount per person 25 euros

Up to two years, since the age limit is from 0 to 74 years old, it is perfect for accompanying families.

However, if it seems that it will exceed 2 years,

Care Concept Care / Expatriate

You can sign up to 5 years here.

Basic is 64 euros for 0 to 12 years old, 58 euros for 13 to 40 years old.

However, unlike colleges and economies, the annual self-payment amount is decided to be 150 euros, and if the number of consultations is small, you will receive a slightly impaired impression.

If you visit six times in economy, you will incur self-burden of 150 euros, so if you have seven or more visits to the clinic for a year, this is more advantageous (especially if you are going to see a doctor if you are a child) Economy will be less self-burdensome.

If you are going to study abroad with family members including children, it would be advisable to have adults at colleges and children for economy if you could stay for up to two years. For more than two years, after the second year you will need to change only children to Expatriate.

If you have more than one child, you can include children in adult insurance if you are a company that handles regular private insurance (HansaMerkur etc.), so it may be advantageous to consider the content of security and cost. However, we were traveling with three families, so the care concept company’s products were cheaper than half price and received a pretty good impression.

Please refer to it!