Purchase of used car in Germnay

When buying used cars in Germany, there are hands of  dealers, but it is expensive and I do not recommend it.

In Germany, individual trading is thriving and it is traded on Ebay.kleineanzaige, facebook sales page, secondhand car information site and so on.

There are second-hand car dealers, but if you are in a cheap place you can also see selling directly as it is like serving in Japan.

If you are strong in machine,

ADAC’s used car purchase page

I think that it is good to refer to.

Incidentally, defective parts of each car model, frequently broken places are also listed.

It is like this when I bought a car.

When examining the car being sold it is cheap, there are also 200 thousand kilos and 500 euro.

In Germany we are riding a lot of distance, so we recommend a timing chain type engine with no belt runs.

Moreover, if it still exceeds 150,000 kilometers, various backlash such as fuel system, undercarriage, sel motor, air conditioner will come out, I think whether it is important to ask the seller history of parts replacement so far.

In Germany, the vehicle selling price is cheaper than Japan, but maintenance cost seems to increase.

In that respect, Japanese vehicles that are difficult to break (Toyota, Nissan, Suzuki are often found) may be nice.

The tax is estimated as 94 euros per year for gasoline cars and 170 euros for diesel as a guide.

Also you can find auto insurance is cheap at the comparison site check24.de. Recommendation is HDI, if you attach a load service option called Schutzbrief here, it is safe on the guarantee side.

The first year is also a foreigner, it costs about 600 euro · · ·

We decided to buy the car because there were children and also my wife’s injury etc also overlapped, but in the urban area of ​​Germany where public transportation is quite useful it may not be necessary so far.