Students VIsa in Germany

There are 3 Types of Students Visas

  1. Language Course Visa (Visa for Language Learning) – for educational activities lasting up to 3 months up to 1 year, for the purpose of participating in short German language courses.
  2. Student Applicant Visa (Visum Zur Studienbewerbung) – if you want to study in Germany, but are still trying to find the right program or you still haven’t got the confirmation letter from your University
  3. Student Visa (Visum Zu Studienzwecken) – if you have already been accepted to a German university.

Here I would like to explain mainly about the student visa I got and family reunion visa.

In order to obtain a student visa, you have to prove your school’s admission letter and further proof of living security.

As for the proof of living security guarantee, I was able to ask the Japanese parents etc for the cost burden certificate before, so I was able to write it at the German Embassy, ​​but since 2018 it has become impossible.

Those who acquired earlier are valid for 3 years and I think whether you can use it effectively as it is for visa renewal.

Therefore, it is necessary to prove living expenses by Sperrkonto.

Although it is that amount, 720 € per month per student, 8640 per year is required.

Even more like my family family is more complicated.

Documents uploaded to HP of Hamburg city,

Berechnungstabelle zum lebensunterhalt bei familiennachzug

From here

According to the calculation of living expenses in the case of family birth

Household head 416 €

Household members over 18 years old 332 €

Child (14 to 17 years old) 316 €

Child (6 to 13 years old) 296 €

Children (up to 5 years old) 240 €


Netto-Kalt-Miete (rent excluding Nebenkosten) See the contract


2.97 € x Room dimensions (m2)

It is the necessary expenses for the house to total these.

Those who have income and scholarship from here will be drawn, further private health insurance will be deducted.

And we have to guarantee the remaining amount income etc. drawn from expenses by bank account such as Sperrkonto.

Depending on the foreign office in charge of the jurisdiction, it seems that Sperrkonto is admitted only, or it is OK in German savings account.

The biggest problem is that the correspondence at the jurisdiction’s office is too different …

Everyone please persistfully wish for visa application.