The speed limit in Germany

First of all, if there is no sign in the city area it is 50 km / h limit. Also, the suburban general road is limited to 100 km / h, and the autobahn is the recommended speed where there is no sign is 130 km / h.

However, in urban districts, where you can see signs of 60 km / h, 70 km / h, etc., you can speed up to that.

In Japan, where there is no sign, 60 km / h is the standard, so be careful.

I misunderstood this point and initially ran at a distance of 60 km from 50 km.

There is a radar in the downtown area of ​​Germany beyond Japan, and even if it is more than 5 kilometers it will be automatically fine. I also got a letter of fine payment due to the above mistake.

By the way, addition of violation points starts from 21 km or more.

Although the fine is small in comparison with Japan, it is very careful as it will be automatically controlled without mercy.

So you must decelerate before the signs come out and drive to be below the speed limit at the sign.

Everyone, please be careful.