How to make a bank account in Germany

I will talk about opening a bank account in Germany this time after traveling this time.

After registering as a resident, you can open a bank account by going to a bank with the resident registration certificate Meldebescheinigung.

I think that students who are under 30 years old can make a student account.
Student accounts do not incur maintenance fee.
Age restriction seems to be different depending on the bank.

However, because I am over 30, I only have the account maintenance fee.

So, I decided to apply for a net bank that does not cost maintenance fee in Germany.

The main German banks are
Norisbank, Comdirect, N 26, etc.

But there was a problem here.

For identity verification, we use Deutsche Post’s identity verification service called Postident.

However, only N 26 is compatible with video certification on smartphones, and successfully opened an account by interacting in English while showing passport.

However, there is no Place of Birth in the Japanese passport. The passport description is Domicile. I would like the Japanese Government, which is not internationally standardized on the passport, to make improvements by all means.

In my case, I also brought an international driver’s license at the same time, so I was able to show my place of birth. Even if you do not have it, you may not have a problem if you explain verbally.

Although this N 26, it seems to be a venture company from Berlin, it is well thought out to be able to do all in the center of smartphones. Also Mastercard debit, Maestro is free. I am sorry that it takes a fee to deposit in cash, but it is best for those who use it as a transfer from another account, as a payroll account. It does not cost a transfer fee.

I will recommend it to those studying abroad in Germany.

As a digression, as a way to send money to German accounts, you can send cheaper than international remittances using the service Transferwise.