Student visa application flow

For student visas,

Visa application form

Residence card (Meldebestätigung) received at the time of resident registration

A letter of acceptance from a university (Immatrikulation) or a proof of studency (Studienbescheinigung)

Livelihood burden certificate (For those who are up to 2017, a cost burden certificate, in the case of 2018 or later, Sperrkonto has received money of 8640 euros)

Agreements such as apartments and WG (Mietevertrag)

Proof of effective health insurance (In the case of a care concept etc. In Hamburg, please send e-mail to one of the care concepts by e-mailing the length of your stay in the form Anlage 6 (over 1 year), Anlage 7 (less than 1 year) required by the Foreign Bureau)


Certification photograph (You can get 100% if you take with a machine at a station or a government office.Of foreign bureau of Hamburg Altona recently established an opportunity to take pictures for free, so it is not necessary for Altona)

Is required.

Although it is a proof of effective health insurance, in the case of private insurance such as care concept, in Hamburg it is impossible to proceed without taking the form required by the Foreign Bureau to the insurance company and signing it.

Since the format can be downloaded from HP of Hamburg, we send it to the insurance company by e-mail, sign it, send it back by e-mail, print it and bring it with you OK.

Since Sperrkonto can only be set for one year, I think that the first visa will be only for one year.

Similar documents are required at the time of visa renewal, but only proof of living security is different. It is judged by whether the rent has been withdrawn from the bank account, whether there is sufficient deposit balance, remittance from Japan, or income from part-time job.