Language School in Germany


Carl Duisberg Centrum

It is the German school that I came to Germany for the first time.

Students received scholarships such as DAAD, and most of the students attended a language school before they entered the university after receiving tuition fees from scholarship organizations.

In addition, self-study system is substantial, and it is possible to study while asking German teacher in the study room.

I think that it was a good system to concentrate day one day and study German.

However, because temporary instructors will act on behalf of long holidays, it will be patchy. Attention is necessary for that point.

Aktiv lernen

I took the B2 course here.

It is considerably cheaper than CDC, and we recommend you move to here if you get used to a certain extent.

The characteristic of this language school is that there is a completion test based on Goethe’s language test. You will receive a certificate of success if you pass this.

I think that those who take Goethe’s language examination will be in good preparation.

Because I came from B2, students had a long stay in Germany, and there were many people who could improve conversation, so it was serious to follow.


Colon language center

It is a language school right next to the State Opera in Hamburg.

There was a lot of choice of course time, such as semi-intensive, and my wife attended here during my daughter’s kindergarten visit. It was very convenient.

It is not cheap so far for the price.

In addition, if you get used to staying, it is very cheaply recommended for German classes that are offered at the citizen university VHS.

However, there seems to be quite a variation in quality by the instructor. Regarding VHS, there is nothing else to look for in a local way such as word-of-mouth reviews on the site · · ·