About water and power suplying service,internet and public broadcasting in Germany

If you contract an apartment alone, not a student dormitory or WG,

Contracts with water supply, electricity, (in some cases) gas, the Internet, public broadcasting will become necessary.

In some cases, common water costs are included in common expenses, but in my case it was not included.

For electricity and gas, service providers are liberalized in Germany, and you can choose your favorite company.

There are various benefits such as a contract period, a plan, etc. that you get a bonus at the expiration of the term.

You can compare with the price comparison site Check24.de, so please consider it.


Many internet contracts are tied up for two years, and if you cancel before that, penalties will be charged as in Japan.

In Germany, we can not cancel unless we inform in writing such as letters, faxes, e-mails, etc. Please note that as you forget, you will be billed after returning home to Japan.

In O2, we offer a plan without a contract period, so I recommend you there.

If public broadcasting also lives in an apartment, a contract for public broadcasting will be sent automatically after resident registration, so let’s register properly.

If you are sharing WG etc. please do not pay if the owner of WG pays, so please return it because there is a column to write that the owner of WG is paying the documents sent.