To find a college of music in Germany

For this time, I would like to write about choosing the music university where I am afflicted the most.

First of all, firstly whether there are teachers who want to study,

Secondly, whether there is capacity of a teacher’s class (Platz)

However, it is very difficult to find these while in other Countries.

In my case, because my family was in Japan, it was not easy to transfer the information to GERMANY immediately after transferring to Germany and got information from seniors and friends who are passing by.

Furthermore, as more universities have established age hurdles, I have been quite limited from that point as well.

Also, there are various learning forms such as Bachelor or Master, Aufbau or Kontaktstudium.

If you are from the University of Music faculty in Japan you will be from Master, if you are not out you will be from Bachelor. In the case of Bachelor, there are listening sounds and sightings as well as in Japan.

Also, Aufbau and Kontaktstudium have universities that are established and universities that are not.

Estimated age limit, in the case of voice, Master around 30 years old. In the case of instrumental music it may be younger. In the case of private, this age limit is not.

In addition, German conditions are also set, and many are B1 – B2, occasionally A2 somewhat loose places.

By the way, I wonder how many music universities and private music schools are in Germany, so I will introduce them in detail by Torayoshi’s blog.(Japanese only)

List of music universities in Germany (list of music universities in Germany)

Once you have decided on your desired teacher and university, please contact with Vorsingen (audition) first by email. And it will be visible to some extent whether the teacher wants to take that person. So, if you are OK, you may want to attend regular lessons before taking the exam.

By the way, it seems common sense to apply for multiple at the same time everyone. People in China and Korea seem to have something like an exam tour. Ten schools …

However, it is difficult to get Vorsingen and even take Platz to have it empty.

In my case, I first came to Germany, attended a language school and had completed the course until B2, and I went to private lessons.

However, there are places like the exam preparation preparation course in the private Hamburger Konservatorium which is currently going on, so it may be a good idea to go through these places and obtain domestic information from German teachers.

If I come to the preparation preparation course from the beginning and gather information, I regret a bit because I was able to prepare for a year including all languages ​​and lessons.

Everyone who aims from this is hard, but please do your best!