Overseas remittance

What do you use for overseas remittances?

Initially, I used banking services, but eventually I settled on a transfer service from the UK called Transferwise.

It seems to be a service that friends who jointly worked in different country originally felt inconvenient and launched for themselves, but now they are spreading all over the world.

Anyway the fee is cheap! Faithful to exchange rate!

And it is saved because insanely remittance!

If you process in Japan before 15 o’clock before Japan time, 7 o’clock in German time, you will be transferred to the bank in Germany at the same day.

Although it is early in the method of withdrawing with a prepaid charge formula or a cash card for overseas withdrawal, the exchange rate including the commission is insanely high.

Transfer wise is also recommended from that point.

Even if you have moved overseas, remittance from Japan can be done if there is a thing that can show the address of your home (passport’s last page). However, we recommend that you register before traveling to make it easy.