To open the Blocked account in Germany

In 2018, there was a big change at the German Embassy in Japan.

That means that it is no longer issuing expenses burden certificate (verpflichtungserklärung)! !

In the past, when I showed this, I was able to acquire a student visa in Germany, apparently it seems that I can only acquire this from a relative working in Germany.

So, to acquire a student visa From now on,

· Establish blockade deposit account (Sperrkonto, Blocked account)

· English proof of scholarship payment proof · translate

· In case of a secondary transfer from a workplace in Japan, a proof of the expenditure translation

It will be limited to.

(Those who acquired expenses burden certificate before last year, this document is valid for three years so I think that visa can be taken without problems for three years.)

Main students will probably open a blockade deposit account, but as a main service in Germany

1. Deutsche Bank

2. Fintiba

3. X-Patrio

These three are listed.

I will write each feature a little.

1. Deutsche Bank

In the case of Deutsche Bank, we have to proceed at the actual store, so we will process in Germany after entering the country. Therefore, it takes a little time but is certain.

However, the fee is higher than other services, 150 euros.

Also, if you are making a savings account of Deutsche Bank, account management fee is free if you are under 30 years old,

If it is over 30, it costs 5.9 euros per month.

2. Fintiba

It is online Sperrkonto service. A private bank with a head office in Hamburg called Sutorbank has been accepted, but the head office of Fintiba is in Frankfurt.

Since all can be exchanged online, it is possible to process from in Japan.

The fee is 89 euros, the administration fee per month is 4.9 euros, the cost per year is about 148 euros.

3. X-Patrio

Recently made online Sperrkonto service.

Because I am conscious of Fintiba, the charge is further cheaper.

A fee of 49 euros, administrative cost per month 5 euro, 109 euro per year.

By the way, any service can only be set for one year, so it seems that you will be charged another commission when resetting.