Open Paypal account

Paypal is a very famous internet payment system.

Actually, in Europe, you can remit money free of charge between individuals through Paypal. It is also used for settlement of various services.

Therefore, you can use a variety of ways, such as purchase of used items via the net, payment to lenders, borrowing refunds, payment to language schools, etc. when renting an apartment such as WG.


With a Japanese PayPal account, you can not transfer money between individuals!

I need to make a PayPal account in Germany.

Also, if you do not link German bank account, it will be limited to 1000 euro per year.

In addition, there is a buyer protection system for settlement service, PayPal enters during troubleshooting process and negotiates refund etc etc. It was actually helped several times by mail order etc.

Why do not you make a handy PayPal account?