Search residence in Germany

In Germany generally students,

Student dormitory (Studentenwohnheim)

Shared apartment (WG)

Studio apartment

Ordinary apartment

You will live in one of these.

The price goes up as you go down.

Student dormitories are controlled by places like student associations in that city, so students under the university, music university and students aged 30 and under can stay in. For this, please contact the university etc. where you are enrolled.

In my case, I could not choose because I was caught on age restriction.

The second shared apartment is called WG, and the main tenant rents the room (sublease). However, there are times when the landlord does not allow it, so you need to be careful about that part. If the landlord does not allow it, it seems that you may be forced to leave as it becomes a breach of contract.

As a destination to look for WG



There are two. WG – GESUCHT is abundant as a publication volume. In Germany, there are insufficient supply of apartments etc. in urban areas, so good property will compete with German students. In the case of WG, it is also important to have conditions (personality, special skill, hobby, cleaning or housekeeping permission) that makes me think that I can live with this person. When sending a message to a posted article, please pay attention to this point and send it.

The one-room apartment is also posted at WG-GESUCHT, but the price is slightly higher.
In the case of a one-room or ordinary apartment, it is good to use the rental property site as well as in Japan.

Immobilienscout 24

As in Japan, real estate agents post property information here, but if you mediate real estate agents you will be charged a fee. Sometimes the landlord has posted information directly, and if you sign up for such property you will not be charged a brokerage fee.

Furthermore, I was able to apply to the property posted directly by the landlord from here.

As you can say for all households in Germany, the competition is intense and most of the properties are gone, especially before the beginning of the new school year in October of the university. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare it from a few months ago. I began searching in July and made a contract around the end of July.

Please refer to it!